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Anima Mundi Ensueno Lucid Dreaming Elixir


Anima Mundi Ensueno Lucid Dreaming Elixir


Anima Mundi Ensueno Lucid Dreaming Elixir


ENSUENO - Lucid Dreaming Elixir

(En- Sue -Nho) Meaning: Lucid Dreaming, To be Awake in the Dream.

Main Actions: Pituitary Tonic, Hypothalamic Regulator, Nervous System Soother, Dream Tonic -Insomnia's Anti-dote, Relaxing.

A magnificent composition of rainforest botanicals known to create the power to enhance deep dreaming and lucidity in the body. This formula relaxes the system and tonifies the nervous system.

A great tonic for those who are already familiar in the Lucid Dreaming world, as well as for those who wish to enhance their dream state with more pronounced imagery and control. This tonic is meant to be used while, ideally, in conjunction with lucid dreaming techniques.  

General Directions: Recommended on an empty stomach before bed.

Drink 1-2 Tbsp before bed. We recommend drinking straight, or adding it to your favorite herbal tea.

*If the flavor is too intense for you, allow it to steep in a tea for 30 seconds to have the flavors settle a bit.

Rituals we motivate:

Boil 2-3Tbsp of grated ginger in water for 15-20min.

Allow to cool down, and add 1Tbsp of the Dream Elixir to your cup. Try not being around from stimulation, like computers, cell phones, and other technology. Drink about 30 minutes before bed. If you have a meditation practice, feel the effects of the dream tonic in a 5min seated meditation.

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