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Anima Mundi Curam Vitamin C and Anti-Aging Elixir


Anima Mundi Curam Vitamin C and Anti-Aging Elixir


Anima Mundi Curam Vitamin C and Anti-Aging Elixir

from 16.00

Beauty Elixir / Skin Detox / Anti-Oxidant / Anti-Aging

A powerful blend of some of the most anti-oxidant and vitamin C rich foods on the planet. This formula is a deeply therapeutic mix containing a mega load of phyto-nutrients, and essential minerals for total body harmony. Some of its main functions are: oxygenates the blood, vitamin C booster, prevents arthritic and rheumatic imbalance, soothes muscle tissue, and re-vitalizes the cardiovascular system.

This blend contains the power of anti-aging, generating deep-immunity and prevention of overall deficiency and illness. These roots and peels increase vitality, reduce inflammation, enhance elasticity in the skin and muscle tissue.

Ingredients: Turmeric Root, Ginger Root, Mangosteen peel, Camu Camu peel, Amla peel, Orange peel, Lime Peel, Ylang Ylang flowers, Stevia leaf, Coconut Nectar.

Directions: Enjoy 1 tsp in your favorite liquid medium (smoothie, juice, tea or water) Recommended before breakfast, to enhance its powerful AM alkalizing properties.

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